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The Ambition Weeks

The Ambition Weeks is the time for companies and students to really get into contact with each other. There is a vast variety of activities, open for the students that have been chosen by the organising companies based on their resume. You can apply for various training sessions, one-on-one conversations, a company breakfast, lunches, dinners, and also informal recruiting activities. For more information, visit the Activity Overview page for and up-to-date schedule of all available activities. Be sure to register as soon as possible!

Activity overview Ambition Weeks

Training sessions

Various companies will organise training sessions during the Ambition Weeks. The competence-related sessions are aimed at improving the skills you need to enter the job market fully prepared. Other training sessions go deeper into the daily life of working at a company, taking you into the life of an employee by getting to solve a case with assistance of multiple experts.

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One-on-one conversations

The Ambition Weeks also host multiple one-on-one conversations: a personal talk between you and a company of your choice. Whether you’re looking for a non-committal orientation conversation where you get to know more about a company, or a more detailed conversation about the opportunities a company may have for you. All conversations, with a maximum length of 30 minutes, will take place at the U Parkhotel.

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Company lunches

A great way to get in touch with recruiters of a company of your choice is having a company lunch with them in the Broeierd. At lunch time, you and nine other students will share a table with three recruiters. All information regarding the company lunches, as well as a registration form, can be found in the Activity Overview section.

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Company dinners

Fancy a delicious three-course dinner with a potential employer? Then register for a company dinner! The dinner consists of eight students and three recruiters from a single company sharing one table. During the dinner, you’ll have ample opportunity to talk with these recruiters.

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informal recruiting

Is an informal way of getting to know a company more your cup of tea? Then we have exactly what you are looking for! Apply for a variety of informal recruitment activities in the Activity Overview section, for example a craft beer tasting. Take your informal recruiting pick!

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