Information about corona

Due to the current situation regarding corona there is more uncertainty about our events than in previous years. What the corona measurements will be during the events is not known yet and will only be known just before the events. Based on those rules, we will make a decision whether the situation allows to organise the events. We are working hard to let the events take place but unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee anything yet. Nevertheless, we see many opportunities for the Business Days to take place and that is why we are very positive about it so far.

For the career fair, we take different scenarios into account. We aim to set up a physical fair, just like in other years. The floor plan will be adjusted to make sure that 1.5 meters distance can be kept. In case a physical fair is not possible, an online platform will be used, which will give you the experience of a physical fair.

In the company brochure you can also find a paragraph about refund of costs in case of cancellation of the event.