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History of the Business Days

The history of the Business Days Twente event is rather interesting: the first editions were organized by study associations S.V. Arago, W.S.G. Isaac Newton and C.T.S.G. Alembic. As the event grew and grew, the associations deemed the event needed its own foundation, which led to the official foundation of the Stichting Business Days Universiteit Twente in 1996.

Our predecessors

This year marks the 37th time the Business Days Twente will be held at the University of Twente. Like every year, this is a great moment to honour and thank our predecessors. Their hard work has been vital in the organization and development of the Business Days Twente over the past years and has led to the Business Days Twente becoming the large-scale event it is today. It is with great pride that we can announce that this event has become the largest student-organized career event in the Netherlands. We’d like to express our many thanks to all of our predecessors.

The 2020 Board

Chairman - Lisa van Disseldorp
Secretary & Public Relations Official - Rianne Dalhuisen
Treasurer & ICT Official - Thom Rikken
Logistics & Vice chairman - Nieck Saris
Acquisition Official - Jasper Sustronk
Publications Official- Charlotte van der Meulen

The 2019 Board

Chairman & ICT Official - Tom Behage
Secretary & Public Relations Official - Claudia Hovius
Treasurer - Roos de Lange
Logistics - Rick de Boer
Acquisition Official - Evelien Hageman
Publications Official & Vice chairman - Jade Frieling

The 2018 board

Chairman - Ymke Verschuren
Secretary & Public Relations Official - Margreet Morsink
Treasurer - Jurgen Besten
Logistics & Vice chairman - Henk Koopmans
Acquisition Official - Mylan Heijink
Publications Official & ICT Official - Floor Couwenberg

The 2017 Board

Chairman - Ilse Willemse
Secretary & Public Relations Official - Tessa de Koning Gans
Treasurer - Dafne Groener
Logistics & Vice chairman - Ruben Hofsink
Acquisition Official - Lisanne Morshuis
Publications Official & ICT Official - Nick Boer

The 2016 Board

Chairman - Joost de Graaf
Secretary and Publications Official - Michelle Geerlings
Treasurer and ICT Official - Jouke Gardien
Functionaris Acquisitie - Kirsten Endeman
Functionaris Logistics and Vice Chairman - Martijn van den Belt
Functionaris Public Relations - Mayke Schutte

The 2015 Board

Chairman - Alex Benou
Secretary and Publications Official - Alicia Vermaas
Treasurer - Jeroen Wessels
Acquisitions Official - Hélène Bussink
Logistics Official and Vice Chairman - Laurens Baars
Public Relations Official and ICT Official - Daan van Ramshorst

The 2014 Board

Chairman - Bas Klok
Secretary and Publications Official - Daphne Duteweert
Treasurer - Lena Jezuita
Acquisitions Official - Rayke Derksen
Logistics Official - Paul Hoefnagels
Public Relations Official and ICT Official - Carin van Hemert

The 2013 Board

Chairman - Jeroen Herbrink
Secretary and Public Relations Official -Tjitske Lamme
Treasurer - Rolf de Jong
Acquisitions Official - Michiel van den Baar
Logistics Official - Jaap Geesinck
Publications Official and ICT Official - Laura Ruijter

The 2012 Board

Chairman - Maurice Hendrix
Secretary and Publications Official - Wendy Balster
Treasurer - Gé Jeukens
Acquisitions Official - Alexandra van der Meer
Logistics Official - Laura van Eekelen
Public Relations Official - Ellen Tolsma

The 2010 Board

Chairman and Acquisitions Official - Marijke Lieferink
Secretary and Publications Official - Leonie Broeze
Treasurer and Logistics Official - Arjan Oude Vrielink
Acquisitions Official and Public Relations Official - Eva Vis
Public Relations Official and ICT Official - Jan van Beijeren Bergen en Henegouwen

The 2009 Board

Chairman - Jochem Wiggers
Vice Chairman and Acquisitions Official - Martine Bruinink
Secretary and Publications Official - Martijn Oude Vrielink
Treasurer and ICT Official - Wilco Benthem
Logistics Official - Remco Londema

The 2008 Board

Chairman - Roderik Martinus
Vice Chairman and Acquisitions Official - Luuk van Stek
Secretary and Logistics Official - Martijn de Ridder
Treasurer and Acquisitions Official - Marijke Schipper
Public Relations Official - Stefan van Duijvenboden
Functionaris Publicaties & ICT - Hans Bakker

The 2007 Board

Chairman - Sharon Rahmee
Vice Chairman and Publications Official - Herman Heijmerikx
Treasurer - Frits van de Pol
Secretary and Acquisitions Official - Jos Wassink
Acquisitions Official - Marc Titulaer
Functionaris Public Relations - Vincent Ilmer

The 2006 Board

Chairman - Merel Snijders Blok
Vice Chairman and Logistics Official - Wendie Botjes
Secretary and Innovations - Official Rik Willemse
Treasurer - Marcel van Viegen
Acquisitions Official 1 - Jochem Jansen
Acquisitions Official 2 - Bastiaan Janse
Public Relations Official and Publications Official - Mike Jongerius

The 2005 Board

Chairman - Syreeta van den Hoogen
Vice Chairman and Acquisitions Official - Remon Tromp
Treasurer - Michel Bieze
Acquisitions Official and Publications Official - Maarten Oosterbaan
Logistics Official - Morrison Murphy
Secretary - Manon Bruens
Public Relations Official - Hilde Voorveld

The 2004 Board

Chairman - Martijn Frints
Secretary - Thomas Osinga
Treasurer - Robert van Harten
Publications Official - Susan Bijen
Public Relations Official - Meriam van Wijk
Companies Official - Marlies Baan
Logistics Official - Mattijs Oude Wolbers

The 2003 Board

Chairman - Reinier Terpstra
Treasurer - Linda Frijlink
Publications Official - Joël Buiter
Publications Official - Maaike Glimmerveen
Public Relations Official and Logistics Official - Ann Tutert
Companies Official - Wijnand Heijnen

The 2002 Board

Chairman - Eduard Pupupin
Secretary - Janieke van den Berg
Treasurer - Elianne Leeffers
Public Relations and Logistics Official - Piet van der Heijden
Companies Official - Rutger Bults
Publications Official - Kirsten Arends
Publications Official - Jennifer Ligtenbarg

The 2001 Board

Chairman - Karian van Gulick
Secretary - Marcel van Nagelhout
Treasurer - Mark Binnenpoorte
Public Relations and Logistics Official - Sanne Betten
Companies Official - Jeroen Broekhuijsen
Companies Official - Martijn Daatselaar
Publications Official - Ilse van den Berg

The 2000 Board

Chairman - Radboud Nelissen
Secretary - Jasper Caerteling
Treasurer - André Orelio
Public Relations and Logistics Official - Edwin de Koning
Companies Official - Ingrid Weima
Publications Official - Gertjan Harkink
Publications Official - Hayco Sypkens

The 1999 Board

Chairman - Jaap Brand
Publications Official - Jenno van Belle
Treasurer - Yi Pan
Public Relations and Logistics Official - Julian Hessels
Companies Official - Niek Jenniskens
Facilities Official - Wouter Berkhout
Publications Official - Stefan van Osch

The 1998 Board

Chairman - Antoinette ten Have
Secretary - Mark Bressers
Treasurer - Remco van Aken
Board Officials - Pim Arends
Board Officials - Renske Beetstra
Board Officials - Theo Geurtsen
Board Officials - Pieter Jellema
Board Officials - Jeroen Regelink

The 1997 Board

Chairman - Niels Orij
Vice Chairman and Publications Official - Vincent Hassink
Secretary - Liedeke Verhagen
Treasurer - Fred Gaus
Public Relations Official - Sande Stegeman
Public Relations Official - Rob Karman
Facilities Official - Jeroen Lubbers
Publications Official - Joost Hagendoorn

The 1996 Board

Eelko Bos
Marleen van den Broek
Wencke Janssen
Arjan van Kempen
Wilmer Kloosterziel
Wouter van Tol
Gerco van der Velde
Marc Wolswinkel